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Do you know where
your drivers are?
Networkfleet, the most affordable wireless vehicle management solution on the market today can help you answer this question and more. With Networkfleet's GPS tracking and diagnostic monitoring capabilities, you can access your mobile workforce 24/7 online.

Monitor vehicle locations in real-time.

View the historical track of where your vehicles have been

Know when your vehicles are in need of repair or maintenance.

View miles per gallon data

Monitor odometer readings

Receive e-mail reminders for scheduled maintenance

Maintain vehicle service histories online

Immediately receive notice of safety recalls

Access data on vehicle speeds, idle time and driver stops using a robust reporting suite
Find out how Networkfleet can help you get the most out of your investment!

Increase Revenue and Margins

Optimize employee routing to get more jobs done

Identify closest vehicles to provide faster response time

Increase Productivity and Safety

Identify drivers that speed

Reduce moonlighting and weekend driving offenses

Reduce Costs

Lower fuel costs by monitoring idle time and unauthorized gas usage

Eliminate manual mileage data collection

Decrease accidents and associated costs

Reduce vehicle downtime expenses with problem alerts

Eliminate smog test fees (CA) for light and medium duty vehicles

Save 50%-70% on monthly fees over other vehicle tracking systems

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